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summoned by the Manager-selector of the Indomitable Lions, Rigobert Song, for the CAN 2023 which will take place in less than a week in Ivory Coast, the young Cameroonian international footballer François-Régis Mughe, who plays as a winger at Olympique de Marseille declined.the invitation on the grounds that he wanted to consolidate his place in his club.He therefore decided to turn his back on the Cameroonian selection.

Unfortunately for him his choice today presents a double-edged sword. For not having respected the procedure, the young 19-year-old player risks not playing with his club as he wanted.

.Following the procedure in this matter, to decline the coach's appeal for the benefit of the club, the player needs the head of the Football Federation of his country to send a letter to the club specifying that it no longer needs the player and that the club can dispose of it freely..but Régis misunderstood the procedure which organizes the withdrawal of a player from such a competition.

After a brutal announcement on the networks, the young player begs the favors of the president of FECAFOOT today Samuel Eto'o so that he addresses said correspondence.

.But it seems that the sanction is already underway for the Marseille player: he does not appear on the list published by the coach of the Marseille club of the 21 players selected for the 32nd finals of the 2024 Coupe de France. .without the correspondence from the president of FECAFOOT, he will not be able to play for his club during the entire CAN period to which he turned his back. For having done it wrong, he is losing on all fronts. .he risks not only not participating in the CAN but also not playing for his club.

We are now hanging on the decision of FECAFOOT which is headed by Samuel Eto'o.

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