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After Diana BOULI and STEPHANELLE, it's Muriel Blanche's turn to suffer the verbal abuse of Ivorian columnist Kevin OBIN.

.Friday on his YouTube channel the Ivorian journalist gave his opinion on certain stars he has already had to meet who have shown him no attention or mark of recognition. Muriel Blanche was in a good place in this register. he declares to this effect:

That witch!! .wherever I have the opportunity I say she has talent, I say she is strong! We met at the airport. If I'm lying, type! We met at Félix Houphouet Boigny airport.

.so I bump into her, I see her with two girls, we bump into each other at the checkout, I buy what I had to buy, then we bump into each other at the entrance to the VIP lounge. We look at each other, she acts like she doesn't know me! She saw me she passed me!!

.you white Muriel, are you going to say that you don't know me??? We do what you did there?? Yeuchhhh!! Let's scream at her! Woouuuuhhh! Woouuuuuhhh! I always said your good name, as soon as I hear Muriel I say koo... Even when people said that she played badly in madame monsieur! .I was going to comment to say that how does she play badly!!? She embodied the role of Passy well! Even his character, when piwele made you strong, I said piwele is mean! Piwele missed you! It was good for you to chase you to take Miranda! Can we do what you did to me here?? .but it's over huh! I'm not defending you anymore!!!! I swear !!!!! If I defended you again!!!

What did ingratitude do to you?? Ingratitude gives you what?? You are one of the Cameroonian actresses I love the most, you see me at the airport you pass me by. So when I was defending you couldn't you see?? People will say she didn't send you, she didn't send me huh! OK! You are right ! It was I who thought I was Éric Dupont moriti, the lawyer for lawyers, the lawyer for the voiceless! Minalmi! Tomorrow again I will do!

But hey I always find her beautiful, always efficient in her chiwouateries she does there. She's strong, she plays well. »

The Ivorian columnist has definitely found a new hobby.

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