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After Bruno Bidjang would it be around MOUSTIK KARISMATIK to join the cell?

In fact, the general director of the group's media, the anecdote is currently behind bars in police custody after appearing on the web in a video where he called on Cameroonians to demonstrate against the increasingly expensive life in Cameroon.

Part of public opinion and showbiz sided with the presenter of the Sunday show "CLUB D'ELITES" on the vision 4 channel. The comedian MOUSTIK KARISMATIK also put a photo of him on his status as passive indignation.

The comedian finds himself today in a rather curious situation, because a video of him circulating on the web presents him in a posture of indignation at the social and financial situation of Cameroon in a comical tone.


The comedian with the multiple Canal d'or nevertheless declares that it is not the work of him but of individuals hiding in the shadows who want to hand him over to the authorities using artificial intelligence.

The web remains unsure of who to believe. Is this a video by MOUSTIK KARISMATIK or a staging of computer programs?

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