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72nd edition of Miss Universe, voting ends today. It all started on Wednesday, November 15 in El Salvador with the official launch of the Miss Universe 2023 preliminary competition. Among the candidates for the Crown, there is the representative of Cameroon Princess Issie.

With a calm mandate in Cameroon, she materialized into a real star during this international competition. her masterful appearance with various outfits, each one as tempting as the next, did not fail to make the eyes of Cameroonians shine, who do not lack. relay its various outings.

During the passage in national costume, Princess Issie presented us with the great emblematic figures of the history of Cameroon. with a breathtaking and beautifully worn costume, she immersed us in the memory of independence and the celebration of iconic Cameroonian women. we find there the first lady of Cameroon CHANTAL BIYA, the first woman Minister in Cameroon Delphine TSANGA, the first pilot line in Cameroon and Central Africa Christine NJEUMA, the first female doctor in Cameroon Gladys EJOMI, the first film director in Cameroon Thérèse SITA BELLA, and the founder of the prestigious Miss Cameroon competition Solange Amougou.

At the last day of the competition, our Miss needs all the support possible. She has proven herself to be a formidable competitor. Good luck to the one who wears the emblems of our country in El Salvador. 🇨🇲🔥🔥.

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