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Meiway: "I have sex with my mother...", the controversial statement of the Ivorian artist*

The Ivorian singer Meiway is a great precursor of 200% zoblazo. Received on the set of the controversial show "Allo caviar" from Life TV, the artist revealed a facet of his life, which until then had remained hidden from his fans.

Divorced and a father of 11 children, Meiway revealed that he currently lives with five of his children.

Asked about the relationship he has with the women in his life, the author of the “Zoblazo” concept mixed things up a bit before catching up on a humorous tone. "She's the first woman I've sex with.. Oops...", he hinted. ."Aaah," yelled Coach Hamond Chic. While Internet users were already crying scandal in the comments, the artist Meiway quickly explained himself so that his words were not taken out of context.

According to him, considering that he "slept with his mother", the interpreter of the famous song "Miss Lolo" clarifies that he gets his love and his desire for women from his mother. “I nursed my mother. It was with her that I did the foreplay for the first time”, he justified without convincing.

Married in 1986, Meiway divorced his wife in 2000. Since then, the artist has been single but not a heart to take since he no longer intends to remarry. He is thé farher of 11 with six différent mothers.

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