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It's the new artist of the networks. The teenager arouses curiosity with his shirtless podcasts in his student room with his fans. He doesn't hesitate to dance between two videos.

Little known to the public before, he launched himself thanks to People subjects which he developed in his own way. His first success is certainly his title “PETIT PAPA NOËL” which already has more than 80,000 views on YouTube. The artist also known as RETLAW is on his third single after Letter to the Republic and MY DREAM.

But his latest single doesn't please everyone. The Tiktokeur Tik Ndengue made an exit, shooting red balls at the sound. Other bloggers based in Europe also went live to denounce the vulgar nature of the sound.

More seriously, the blogger's Tik tok page has just been banned after numerous reports. A relentlessness against the young 19-year-old artist who is nevertheless not the best student in terms of vulgarity in Cameroon. Double standards after Mani Bella's DAGOBERT title.

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