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For a few weeks all the attention of the Cameroonian people and even of the international scene has been focused on the appalling murder of the head of the chain of radio amplitude FM, Martinez zogo. This inhumane act aroused much indignation. From journalists to politicians to members of government.

On the web, messages are flying to demand justice for the journalist and provide support to the family of the deceased. .influencers have not been left out of this process.

But the silence of one of them did not fail to attract attention. This is how an alert was launched by General Makosso following the silence of the famous influencer Steve fah.

.Following this alert, the director of the former online channel Tara + came out of the shadows 4 days ago to join his colleagues and be indignant about the murder of the Journalist. .but instead of reassuring the web, his release further enraged some of his colleagues, including Robinson Piffo and Internet users. Because by revolting following the murder of the journalist, he took the opportunity to promote his new hotel investment.

.By this act, the influencer has trivialized a situation that affects all Cameroonians. The influencer did not have an ounce of respect for the body of Martinez zogo which testifies to the true intention of our influencers.

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