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The death of the famous Cameroonian artist and tiktoker continues to move the web. .Stéphanie MASSO known under the pseudonym of Mrs. Cooper died on March 4th at the Douala General Hospital following an illness according to concordant sources.

Many speculations have been put forward on the causes of the sudden and early death of the influencer:

.“She died of cancer,” some said, others spoke of “poisoning.” but the autopsy revealed that Stéphanie MASSO (Madame Cooper) died of a "pulmonary embolism", the information was revealed by her uncle Charles NDOUMBE and relayed by radio Jambo.."Ms. Cooper died of a 'pulmonary embolism' (this is a blockage of one or more pulmonary arteries by a blood clot).

.Following the results of the autopsy, the Judicial Police submitted the report to the public prosecutor so that the friend of Mrs. Cooper who had been previously arrested be released. the file on the causes of his death seemed to close. .but yesterday at around 4 p.m., the deceased's sister, who occasionally posts via the deceased's WhatsApp number, made a post with shocking revelations.

It tells us in fact that the thesis of the poisoning is very real. .she expresses herself in these terms "it was between January 12 and 13... by her hyper jealous girlfriends... then they continued to administer poison to her every time, so almost every day in small quantities until 'To total exhaustion...'. .she ends by saying that God has a plan for these embittered ingrates, these killers on the loose.

New revelations that open the file again to clarify the circumstances of Mrs. Cooper's death.

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