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Likes against your dignity cannot produce... lasting wealth. FLAVIENNE TCHATAT TO AÏCHA KAMOISE

“No matter how much the world changes, monkeys will not lay eggs.” Even though the world may change, Aïcha Kamoise will remain a japaper, much to the dismay of showbiz actors.

.It all started in a video posted by Aïcha Kamoise on her Facebook page a few hours ago. In this video she claims that Flavienne Tchatat's ex, who goes by the name of a certain Mr. "TÉNE", is Noëlle Kenmoe's new boyfriend. .after the breakup with Flavienne, he found himself in the arms of Noël who put Fingon (the father of his baby Kigali) aside.

.She says that she met this gentleman as part of a business relationship, and was able to extract some information from him about his relationship with the mother of baby KIGALI. According to this gentleman, his relationship is progressing well with NOËLLE and that they even spent Valentine's Day together.

.Faced with such declarations, Flavienne Tchatat did not remain indifferent, she had a reserved reaction. As the saying goes, “rest to the foolish and reserve to the wise.” .she expressed it thus: “likes against your dignity can only produce the curiosity of your followers and never lasting and remarkable wealth 👌”.

Although not having mentioned her name, we realize that it is a target for Aïcha Kamoise.

.This is something to follow on 237mood.

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