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After the national anthem sung in loose words by Francis N'Gannou at Harvard business school, the bikutsi singer poked fun at the world's strongest man saying: "Yaaaaaaa (laughs) francis nganou he had to sing the anthem in English, right??? (Laughs). I didn't know that's how you were going to do it. We applaud for kiiioooooooo??????! “, She wrote in the caption of the video of N’Gannou performing the anthem at Harvard.

Following these mockeries, she launched a competition with the prize of 500,000 fcfa for the person who will succeed in correctly performing the national anthem of Cameroon.

His attitude towards the breaches of the predator has aroused a lot of indignation on the web. .the blonde coach couldn't contain her anger.By treating the go galaxy of Silicone dolls, she returned to the extraordinary career of Francis Ngannou, who is also the subject of a thesis within the prestigious Harvard University.

Coco Argent was quick to reply: "the blonde coach respects your stupid skin, otherwise I'll have to invite the sun into your life and you know the result. I thought you only saw the night..with his faceted eyes Guénon you're just a thing, a thing. you represent nothing". Jacques jorel Zang calls the galaxy to order for having made fun of the skin of the blonde coach for not crossing the limits especially since she has been trying for years to look like the corpse of michael Jackson.

The artist coco argent was humiliated on the web for having taken on the strongest man in the world who received support from everywhere, in particular from the entrepreneur Rebecca Enonchong, Martin Camus Minb. .*"While you were in school learning to recite the anthem, the guy was in the sand mines for a living. He literally crossed the desert. But some are attacking him from atop a pedestal of privilege. He owes us nothing. said Rebecca. E*.

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