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Has Noëlle Kenmore Ofishal started a sexual life from a young age?

On the show Paroles de Femmes with the title “Mom of the Stars” from the Équinoxe Tv channel, the mother of our influencer was interviewed. .she describes the shock she had when she learned that her daughter was already dating men in high school. It is expressed in the following words:

"I have always been a strict mother, Noëlle is my only daughter, I have 2 children. There is her and her little brother..being a single mother, it was a dictatorship at home, I watched her everywhere. I pay for your school and you have to bring me the results. Although she already had her CEP and her competitive exam in CM1, she didn't make it to CM2, she was very intelligent.

.in high school, with puberty, it wasn't easy, but I'm beaten. And then I discovered that she was already receiving love messages, hmmm. One day she was sick, I take her to the hospital, the doctor asks her if she is already diverted? She answers: Yes. .I was surprised, I gave him 2 slaps baaaaf baaaaf.

The doctor asks me ma'am what is it? I say no. I was in so much pain, I couldn't believe that a man had already touched my daughter. "

.This revelation from the mother undoubtedly shocked the public and many began to speculate about it. We remember that during a live performance Noëlle admitted that Fingon Tralala was her first love. .then some have deduced that this loss of virginity was surely the action of the actor.

So far the actress and the actor themselves have not spoken out on this subject.

Noëlle was intelligent and her mother thought she was controlling her daughter, but the surprise was in store. .Noelle's mother would surely like her parents to understand that the daughter's education is really delicate.

If you don't have dialogue and complicity, she closes off and you remain completely in the dark about her life. It's only afterwards that you realize the damage.

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