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Aïcha kamoise once again singled out by director FLAVIENNE TCHATAT. .according to the latter, the Cameroonian blogger based in France would be partly responsible for the scandal that Daniel Nsang is currently experiencing. According to her, the video had been available online for a long time but unknown to the general public. .it is Aïcha kamoise who attracts the attention this sex tape.

Sun Plus TV Cameroon, Flavienne Tchatat said:

It's not the video that annoys me, but it's the person who brings the story to the web that annoys me.

.It's been weeks since I received this video but I deleted it directly.

We are women and I say it because this girl does not know what she is doing for her family and for her children. I'm talking about that of France here. .I don't want to mention his name because I don't want to give him free publicity.

But the lives you are destroying my darling, you will pay the price.

In 2022, you landed on Emy Dany Bassong with a false rumor. .I don't know if you thought that would earn him his contracts. But know that his companies are not stupid. They have the ability to evaluate the morals of the people with whom they plan to work.

I was shocked. .I told myself it was just for views until one of my relatives told me that she shared it on her snap. A woman, mother of the boys.

Know that there is information that you must avoid.

.I don't know what drives you but know that one day you will place yourself in the public square like grandmothers do to confess.

It hurts.

You have talent and you have money, you can do something better than spending your time creating stories about people. »

Aicha kamoise has been silent since the affair broke out. Daniel Nsang, for his part, seems to have moved on.

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