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Heavyweight boxing champion Fury will face MMA fighter Francis NGANNOU in Saudi Arabia on October 28.

British WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury announced on Tuesday that he will fight Cameroonian mixed martial arts star Francis Ngannou on October 28 in Saudi Arabia.

.Fury's team said the fight in Riyadh "will be held under official professional boxing rules, with three judges in the ring adopting the 10-point system."

Fury's last fight was in December, when he beat compatriot Derek Chisora ​​in 10 rounds.

His opponent, MMA heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, does not have a professional boxing record, but the 36-year-old fighter insisted he dreams of stepping into the ring with Fury. Ngannou has won 17 of his 20 professional UFC fights, 12 of them by knockout. .but he will not be a favorite for three reasons:

👉 First is Francis NGANOU's first boxing fight against a master of the discipline. Francis NGANOU therefore ventures into new territory as an Outsider.

.👉 Second, professional boxing is stricter than MMA, which is very open with the use of feet and technical grips. FRANCIS NGANOU will have to try to chase MMA reflexes to avoid disqualification.

.👉 Third boxing fights are longer than MMA fights. in boxing it's 12 rounds of 3 minutes or 36 minutes of fighting or in MMA it's 5 rounds of 5 minutes or 25 minutes of fighting. A new physical experience for the native of Bâtie.


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