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in May 2022, the young actress Marcelle KUETCHE alias Poupy aged 31, opened a snack bar restaurant called the Panamera Lounge, in the Bonamoussadi district in Douala. just a few days after the inauguration of the establishment, questions arose about the richness of the.

Cameroonian director and producer. The One Love artist even went further by specifying in a publication that she was not the real owner.

A year later, precisely on June 21, the restaurant was once again the source of several controversies. it all starts with a notification received by the followers of the panamera page. It appears from this notification that the page has changed its name and is now called G6K fresh which is a brand of product treating redness, itching and many others.

Faced with this change due to the bankruptcy of the Lounge, several Internet users and bloggers have spoken out. this is particularly the case of Aicha Kamoise who indexes the authors of such bankruptcy. for her, it was the employees who brought down the Panamera by embezzling money. She is also adds that Marcelle KUETCHE closed the restaurant to open another next door.Alongside this theory of embezzlement by employees, some claim that the restaurant was closed following a breakup between poupy and her ex who was the real owner of the Panamera lounge.

Decidedly from its opening to its closing, the panamera lounge has been at the heart of many controversies. Marcelle KUETCHE, real owner or not, has decided to embark on a new adventure with G6k fresh.

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