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We see more and more on social networks that our influencers and our artists enjoy the media coverage of their various pregnancies. .from NATHALIE NKHOA, COCO EMILIA, MURIELLE BLANCHE to MARCELLE KUETCHE via Noëlle Kenmoe and many others, Internet users have experienced these different moments with them.

Following the news of the phenomenon, two pregnancies are in the spotlight on the web. it is that of the actress artist NOËLLE KENMOE who gave birth on January 5, 2023 and that of the mayor of facebook, bitkussi artist MANI BELLA who has just made her announcement. But what can push the latter to publicize their pregnancies so much? 237mood has made this small foray into showbiz for you to discover the enormous income from the media coverage of a pregnancy.

These advantages are twofold: for the mother and for the children. on the mother's side, publicizing her pregnancy increases her visibility by attracting the good graces of Internet users who do not remain insensitive to cabbage tips. It is certain that pregnancy should not take the artist out of the radar. .this is how NOËLLE KEMOUE with the pregnancy of Baby Kigali who came into the world on January 5, reached the bar of 1 million subscribers on her Facebook page. The repeated communications on his page moved many people who voted to subscribe.

For babies, the media coverage of their lives aims to give them an image, to put them in the spotlight in order to attract potential contracts.this is the case of the daughters of COCO ÉMILIA (Sophie who for only a few months was already the face of a major brand of disposable diapers), Muriel Blanche and Marcelle Kuetche (who are faces of the baby cleansing milk game) .

In view of these advantages, we realize that this media coverage of pregnancy is nothing more than a technique to increase visibility and make new contracts. .women being very sensitive and in large numbers on social networks, they cannot be inert in front of a pregnant woman or even a little blond head.

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