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The Cameroonian blogger says she narrowly escaped a heart attack after losing a tidy sum of 10 million CFA francs. She had to disconnect for two days to swallow the pill. .the facts are worthy of a Nollywood film.

In fact, the blogger, entrepreneur and actress based in France lost the sum of 15,000 euros or 9,750,000 during a transaction.

In a very popular live broadcast she says:

“I had a big break, I was tired.

.I had the same problem 3 years ago, it was the actress Tonga who relieved me.

A few days ago I sent 15,000€ (9,750,000f) to Cameroon to a member of my family so that he could deposit it in my Afriland First Bank bank account.

.I tell him that as soon as he withdraws, he takes a taxi deposit to the Bank.

The person withdrew the money But when I call, she no longer picks up.

The stroke almost caught me

3 years ago I sent my cousin, she did the same thing to me.

.I work hard to earn my money, I don't sell my butt.

This even goes beyond mourning.

I was abandoned with 2 children. I am the father and mother of my children.

One day passes he calls me and says: “I took the motorbike when I got the money.

.once on the motorcycle, the benskineur carried a person. They told me along the way that the money I have on me is bad money, that I must die, that we must go and pray over it. That's how they took the money. "

I almost went crazy."

But questions arise because it is impossible to transfer so much money into an electronic account without attracting the attention of the authorities? Electronic accounts are capped at 10 million.

Why not directly transfer the money from your account in France to Cameroon?

Banks also do electronic accounts. So the money could be withdrawn into an electronic account inside the bank and then deposited directly into a bank account in the same bank.

Aïcha KAMOISE's story borders on lies to attract sympathy and subscribers.

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