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The breakup between Elisabeth Cynthia and Donald AYISSI continues to rock the web. This breakup gave Diane MEKONGO and COACH BLONDE the opportunity to mess up their buns.

Indeed following COACH BLONDE's comment on the matter,

So, Ngono wanted to eat this alone?

Who's crazy?"

Diane MEKONGO, sympathizing with the grief of her fellow actress, will openly attack COACH BLONDE.

A reaction that did not leave COACH BLONDE indifferent. Who wanted to answer her directly as she is used to doing.

Diane Mekongo OfficialI DO NOT CLASH WOMEN!

For a while, I've known that you've been asking for my attention, and I know that you want attention, so I'm going to give you a few minutes of my Diamonds Time.

I know that your dream is to be able to tell bar meetings of menopausal women that one day you clashed with La coach Blonde prenuim ultimuim, but also that you are looking for subscribers to be able to sell your wigs and your locks , which I find commendable, I prefer women.who manage, than those who sell their bodies, however; I find it really despicable to turn my post into a politically incorrect debate.

An exit to which Diane MEKONGO was quick to respond.

We are not at the end of this Saga which promises lots of twists and turns.

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