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On the set of Jambo, Sunday March 5, 2023, Tchop Tchop, the presenter indicated that he had spoken with the family of “Madame Cooper”, shortly after the announcement of his death on social networks. .according to his report, the family informed him of the circumstances of the death of the famous Cameroonian tiktoker and influencer.

.Saturday, March 4, 2023, the web was invaded by the sudden death of “Madame Cooper”, a Cameroonian tiktoker and influencer, who became famous for her tips and advice on sex. After announcement, several versions were confronted, on the circumstances of his death.

.if, the next day, her team affirmed that she died of “following a short illness”, without however giving details, others had already made their own ideas the evening of her death. .some of her fellow influencers have reported that she succumbed to "brain cancer" and others have even reported that she was poisoned during a supposed meeting with friends.

These versions puzzled President Tchop Tchop. .during his Sunday program Jambo, broadcast on Canal 2 international on March 5, the owner of radio station Jambo Fm 91, let it be known that he rather preferred to contact the family of

the late star of social networks to see more clearly. His wish would have been granted.

.“They told me that she received people at her house on Sunday and her discomfort started on Tuesday [March 1]. She started to feel bad, she went to a hospital. .Wednesday it was fine, Thursday it resumed, Friday it was fine, and Saturday paam it was triggered and definitely, ”Tchop Tchop told his columnists.

“There is only one medical examiner to help us [to check if it is a poisoning]. .and if so, what you have to ask yourself is how do you manage to find the strength to take a substance, slip it into someone's glass or dish to take their life? how do we get there? How do we manage to develop such a degree of monstrosity? Why? .get there? “asked the famous animator.

The thesis of poisoning during a meeting is therefore highly probable.

The version of brain cancer is therefore to be ruled out. The blogger had no cancer.

.another idea that circulates and tends to be confirmed is that of the probable pregnancy of the influencer at the time of her death.


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