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7 months after the death of their son, Davido and Chioma await a happy event

Davido and Chioma will soon be parents! The singer and his wife are expecting a child.

Indeed, the Nigerian artist has published a video in which we see the advanced baby boomer of Chioma. In fact Davido is in the kitchen with his wife. This one is cleaning and tidying up. The artist calls his loving wife to come and join him. There is even an "I love you" that comes out in a stifled laughter from the singer.

Chioma meanwhile does not turn around but appreciates the joke of her Davido. What attracts more attention is its rounded belly, which suggests that a baby will be born within a few weeks.

Happy and beautiful news for the couple who lost their son in November 2022. Seven months later, they are legally married and expecting a child. Like what after the rain comes the good weather.

Congratulations to the couple Davido and Chioma!!.

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