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Cameroonian singer, Charlotte Dipanda has been married for almost a year now to her compatriot and former MMA fighter, Fernand Lopez. .but, a few days ago the singer of the song “We don’t care”, appeared on social networks with a skinny silhouette. Which quickly created a wave of questions among the artist's many fans.

.comments from fans expressing their concern quickly invaded the web. The explanations had to be given by the singer on this physical state. .thus, it was on Cameroonian national television CRTV, during a television program that Charlotte Dipanda responded to the concerns of her many fans. ''My new figure is not that important. We do not care. This is a non-event. .I'm not sick, don't worry. In reality, I had a few extra kilos... And it's difficult to lose 1 kilo for people who are trying to lose weight,'' she explains. The same explanation was given by the Makossa singer on Naija TV.

.visibly dissatisfied fans took her husband Fernand Lopez to task. Between tendentious comments and barely veiled insults, the CEO of the MMA FACTORY finds himself cornered.

.However According to the singer, she rather expects congratulations for having managed to have this new silhouette. “You should rather congratulate me because it’s difficult to abstain. », concluded the artist.

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