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"...I thank the organizing committee for this edition of Canal d'Or... I no longer wanted to be nominated for future editions..." These were the words of Fingon Tralala during the Canal d'Or ceremony. 'gold act 13..he won two trophies, that of best web comedian and that of best comedian.

"I will always be available for the Canal d'Or but I no longer wish to be nominated... I want to help the young generation" he added

Great was the surprise of Internet users when the nominees were published. The name of Fingon Tralala appears again in the best comedian category. Would the organizing committee have turned a deaf ear? Or is the talent of the artist such that not nominating him would undermine the flavor of the Canal d'Or? Or beyond that is a lack of organization and professionalism?

Another thing that intrigues Internet users even more is that the Concerned Fingon Tralala did not make any particular statement following this appointment. But considering the outings of Noëlle Kenmoe, his current partner, it seems that he is coping well with this situation. Did he go back on his word? Would the taste of the trophy have triumphed? Or is the artist remaining silent so as not to offend Canal 2 International, to whom he owes a large part of his success?

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