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KRYS M, the author of the successful title "À CHACUN SA CHANCE", is the victim of a boycott call launched from a Facebook page. She is accused of being tribalist in that it only promotes Bamileke rhythms and culture at the detriment of other cultures in Cameroon.

This call for boycott quickly suffered the indignation of many Internet users. These were quick to remind the author of the text that there is no question of tribalism but of the promotion of Cameroon.

Rapper and TV host Tony NOBODY also expressed his disapproval of this release.

"LEAVE HIM MY DAUGHTER @KRIS M the.jewel of the current urban music of the MBOA, She is Bami and it makes koi? She praises the Ben skin rhythm of her people, does it make koi?

WE SHOULD RATHER SUPPORT IT because it is about the whole 237.

.know it, TRIBALISM is the weapon of the weak.

It's a crutch.behind this music that everyone loves, there is a strong team, such as the manager BANNING, THE ARRANGER, BEATMAKER LE GENIE, TEDDY MOHMA Teddy Beatz BON ME BOLO, (TEDDY BEAT) to name only these Cameroonians of other ethnicities who worked body and soul to make this happen.a success so stop your meanness..DO NOT DISTRACT US

No one is going to destabilize Cameroon with wacky arguments like TRIBALISM.

All we are waiting for today is justice for Martinez Zogo.

We are all EKANG BETI, BAMILEKE BASSA, DOUALA, TIKARS, BAMOUNS….we are CAMEROUNAIS and no one is going to change us with our mistakes and shortcomings. That's life at the MBOA. Did he say on his Facebook account.


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