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Installed in Europe for more than ten years ALAIN TCHOUNGUE alias Big Mop is a worthy son of West Cameroon who did part of his studies in the locality of Loum. Very talented in front of the cameras, a demonstration of her talent in the series FOYER POLYGAMIQUE and la VEUVE.

His arrival in the West marked a break with cinema to the chagrin of his many fans. He nevertheless directed the series "NDOLO" the child of retirement which earned him a nomination for DISCOP AFRICA.

He presents to us today his real estate investment in the region of East Cameroon, more precisely in the city of Bertoua.

It is a high standing MOTEL located in the Koumé district in Bertoua, LE PBM-LODGES is a peaceful setting ideal for resting. It includes beyond the bedrooms, a snack bar and a restaurant.

PBM- LODGES is also a secure car park,

.pBM-LODGES 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is African and European cuisine of international standard,

PBM-LODGES is the high speed internet connection and free for customers,

PBM-LODGES is guaranteed security with surveillance camera,

.pBM- LODGES is the legendary hospitality of the locality of LOUM deported to BERTOUA for the good of Cameroon.

If you take a walk on this side don't forget to take a walk there

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