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Nathalie Koah, the Cameroonian influencer is at the heart of a new controversy.

Indeed, the father of his daughter Juan Perez de Leon was reportedly arrested in Equatorial Guinea along with his own brother.

For years, investigations have revealed that he specialized in the embezzlement of public property.

With the complicity of his brother, they falsified the signature of the President and put the seals of the Presidency, so that the bank validates the transfers of 500 million every month to their account.

According to concordant information circulating on the web, the latter risk the death penalty.

Currently, the influencer Nathalie Koah who is the target of invectives, accusations and ridicule.

Nathalie Koah came out of her silence to silence her critics.

Nathalie Koah notably responded to an influencer who says that she will have seen nothing more that her ex-companion who financed her activities is in prison.

."My daughter's financial future does not normally suffer from anything and from any dispute until she comes of age, in Cameroon or the United States where her back has been assured since!!!

We do not give birth to live from day to day with a child when life has already taught us many times! .You know what I mean.

Before having a child (at 30 so I was not a kid) I reassured myself that I personally had enough to educate him with or without a father (I lost mine early so this trauma made me foreseeing on this side).

.I did not stop there, because no matter how far-sighted we are, we are not immune to the vagaries of life, which is why his father (since you want to talk about him) under my repeated impulse and exaggerated, took the trouble to simultaneously take a great action intended to bring it to.shelter!On a daily basis, she has me (Ohh Aïcha I still work, I now earn a lot more than my daughter's pension, you can guess it) and she has my husband who has become her father by marriage who takes care of her as if she were his biological daughter. She said on social media.

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