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It all started with flirts and crushes on Tiktok. One thing leading to another, the relationship evolved. Everything was going well with the alleged couple since he did not fail to spread their love and scenes of jealousy on the canvas. .from love to hate, everything changed this week. During a live the day before yesterday on tik tok, Axel allowed himself to scold Kim makosso in front of the subscribers because she told him that he is too capricious, very nervous and above all that he loves to listen to the bad languages ​​of His fans.

.He expressed himself in these terms: "Never again will you talk to me like this live! Do you hear me?? If you have something to say to me, do it in private. Because when you mess around, I write to you in private, so never again you talk to me like that. .besides, I don't know who you think you are, but never again 😠! I think you're too big-headed, and since there are people who encourage you, then you think you're pretty smart. I'm sorry but we'll have to come down to earth Kim! .stop looking at people's eyes to play the wiser.... calm down because you are my little sister and I hope you have understood perfectly.

And then who are you to talk to my fans?? You didn't build my fans with me! .I'm totally sorry because you're no one to talk to my fans about."

This reaction from the Web humorist was not accepted as much by Kim's family as by some fans. In a direct yesterday on his Facebook page, General Camille Makosso Kim's father warned Axel. .while defending his daughter, he called Axel arrogant and rude. that he should have taken a step back and listened carefully to his daughter's criticisms which were well founded. He then invites them to withdraw from the relationship if they think that respect and values ​​are no longer the same. .he finally addressed himself to all those who gravitate around them to no longer meddle in what does not concern them.

So far the tensions have not subsided.

It's a case to follow on 237mood.

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