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Born on June 14, 1987 in Abang Betsenga, MBARGA ENYEGUE alias the Toxic Menace, is a jack-of-all-trades in the artistic milieu. After his bacc D, he studied philosophy at the University of Yaoundé 1 and did a short stint in cinema.

Very young, he is already a star in high school with the group nock-turn. He practices Hip Hop dance in the group survivors and then in the group Xtreme fusion. 

Finalist of the holiday challenge in 2010 in the RAP category, he released a maxi single solo rhythm BIKUTSI in 2015. The artist launches into MBOLÉ the following year with the title "Dans le ré". 

2020 the singer is revealed as an emblematic figure of the MBOLÉ rhythm with the title Ministère allumé nous l'encens.

His greatest artistic work remains the creation of LABEL mbolé237 co-founded with DJ LEXUS where tenors of MBOLÉ such as Aristide MPACKO, Paco junior, petit Bozard and many others have evolved.

Menace Toxic - L'Hymne de Warmans extrait237Mood
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