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Essomba owono Gaston From his true identity is a young Cameroonian soldier artist passionate about music, he started with rap being at the bilingual high school of Ekounou in 2015 where he took up the famous tenor piece entitled "d'où le dab"


In 2017 when he decided to join the security forces of his country Cameroon he decided not to give up his passion.
So when the mbolé movement is gaining momentum, Le Gastonier decides once again to change his style to dive into this universe that feeds Cameroon and all of Africa.


Today LE GASTONIER returns to us with a maxi single entitled "Soldats" a Mbolé like no other able to pay tribute to all the Cameroonian soldiers who fight day and night for the peace and stability of their country, our homeland Cameroon.

237Mood - Le Gastonier - Soldats237Mood
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