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237mood Cysoul



In relationship with LYDOL🙃, on stage with BEN DECCA💪🏽 in studio with SALATIEL in featuting with FUL and TENOR the nugget CYSOUL has answer. His new single "JE TOMBE AUSSI" is already a hit. His real name is FOUNDA ETOUNDI Cyril, Cysoul is an artist singer of Cameroonian origin born on March 28, 1999 in the city of Mbalmayo.
    He travels in several musical genres and brings us easily from Bikutsi to Bendskin through Nu-soul and RnB. Very talented, he was a finalist for the RFI Discovery Award 2019 and nominated for the prestigious Canal D'or Act 13 in the category of musical revelations.

    The next generation of musicians is assured thanks to this phenomenon. For a sharing of strong and authentic emotions, let yourself be rocked by his fabulous tracks to discover on 237mood here 👇👇👇

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